How Hilaria Baldwin Balances Motherhood With Physical & Mental Health

In addition to her jobs as a yoga instructor, yoga studio co-founder, and author, Hilaria Baldwin is also a mother to three children — all under the age of 3.
She tells Refinery29 that she's already having conversations with her two oldest children, Carmen and Rafael, (the youngest, Leo, is less than a year old) about maintaining their own well-being, in the hopes that they'll grow up already knowing a lesson she learned when she started practicing yoga. Simply put: Balance is key.
"Keeping them active and helping them think about what they’re putting in their bodies is very important," Baldwin says. Despite her reputation as a fitness maven, she says that sweets are absolutely part of her kids' lives, describing a recent party in Carmen's class at school. "Everybody else brought relatively healthy things, and Carmen and I baked a cake," she says. "I was like, 'Here’s this gigantic cake! I’m so sorry, your children will have a sugar high.' But Carmen was so excited."
This idea of balance doesn't just apply to her children's lives. Before she became a mom, Baldwin says her time was completely her own — she could work out or attend a yoga class whenever she wanted. Nowadays, motherhood is the first thing on her mind, but she wants her fellow active moms to know that their desires don't always have to be the last items on their to-do lists.
"My priority is my children, and I make sure that nothing conflicts with that," she says. "But I've realized it’s okay if I take an hour to myself a few times a week... You will be a better mother for it, because if you feel good, you’re going to have more patience. You’re going to have the strength to make it through the day — and you definitely need that with kids."
Whether helping Carmen decorate a massive cake or busting out a quad workout while feeding her kids, Baldwin's approach to health hinges on maintaining balance and not feeling guilty about taking care of yourself. Oh, and most importantly? "Have fun," she says.
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