Baby Avocados Exist & You Can Buy Them At Trader Joe's

Avocados have unfortunately been dragged into a lot of unfair situations lately. They’ve been criticized for being the expensive guilty pleasure of millennials and even we put them down for a minute after they were recently filled with hot coffee. But now something has happened to avocados that is going to make it hard for anyone to blame them for anything ever again. Trader Joe’s is selling what are being marketed as Teeny Tiny Avocados, and they’re so cute we can barely look straight at them.
Trader Joe's describes its new precious product as perfect for one meal. With these smaller avocados, people can easily avoid wasting any of the valuable fruit by only using half and wrapping the rest up for later. We're all too familiar with this upsetting moment when you go back for more avo a day later only to find the other half is completely brown and icky. TJ’s explained in its post announcing the Teeny Tiny Avocados, “They’re personal, single-serve, 'where have you been all my life'-sized Hass Avocados. Bon Appetite got more exact in its description, saying, “These avocados are only a little bigger than a lime, about three inches tall… and have a proportionately-sized pit.”
One of these miniature avos is just right for a lunchtime salad or a slice of toast in the morning. They’re also sold in bags of six, so they work for when you need more than one serving. A six-count bag of avocado is available at Trader Joe’s now for $2.69. For comparison, regular-sized Hass avocados are sold for about 99 cents at the grocery chain normally.
This tiny version of the avocado is basically the fruit equivalent of puppy dog eyes. After staring at them, we’ll never again be annoyed by the overwhelming number of avocado toast pics posted on Instagram everyday. Seriously, how can you stay mad at this?

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