Ever Struggled To Fit A Top Over Your Head? This Woman's Journey Will Speak To You

I've long believed that getting dressed can be one of the absolute worst parts of the day. Not only do you have to style an outfit, but you also have to actually go through the trouble of finagling your way into the perfect top/pair of pants/bra. Oh, and god forbid you try to do your hair before you put on a tighter blouse, which almost always seems to undo a tousled coif.
It appears I'm not alone in feeling this way, either.
Olivia Skuce, a 21-year-old student from Northern Ireland, recently tweeted out a photo of herself trying — and failing — to pull on a mesh top from retailer Pretty Little Thing.
"Hi @OfficialPLT just wondering why your top won’t fit over my head," Skuce tweeted on May 22.
Skuce spoke with Metro.co.uk further about the fashion disaster, and said: "When I went to put the top on, I wasn’t sure if the sizing of the top was wrong or if I just had a really massive head!" As it turns out, her head was not to blame.
The tweet, which garnered over 7,000 retweets, seemed to have resonated with women everywhere.
"It's a global problem," one Twitter user wrote, attaching two hilarious photos of herself trying to squeeze into what appears to be the same top.
And she wasn't the only one to respond. Here are just some of the hilarious photos women tweeted back to Skuce:
After seeing the alarming number of tweets, Pretty Little Thing started to respond to women on the thread, asking them to send over the order number so they could help send out replacement tops.
Sure, the top might cut off circulation to your scalp, but the company appears to have responsive customer service!
Overall, this makes my complaints about pulling my skinny jeans over my ankles seem not so bad.

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