The Internet Is Obsessed With This "Backpack Kid" From Katy Perry's SNL Performance

Katy Perry was the musical guest on last week's Saturday Night Live, but the performer everyone was talking about was the "backpack kid" who danced alongside her, People reports. While she sang "Swish Swish," a boy with a backpack stepped from side to side and swayed his arms back and forth at an impressive pace with a hilariously expressionless face.
The person that's left everyone entertained (and a little bit confused) is social media star Russell Got Barz. At age 15, he's already garnered over 500,000 Instagram followers. Rihanna's a fan of his, and he knows he's cooler than Katy Perry. "When your mom tries to look cool," he captioned a video of Perry attempting to copy his dance moves before the show. Still, he's remained humble: His Instagram bio reads "Disclaimer: I can't dance lol."

When your mom tries to look cool @katyperry

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Here's the SNL performance that's left everyone beside themselves. The "Swish Swish" performance also featured famous drag queens including RuPaul’s Drag Race's Vivacious.
Perry also recreated the "Bon Appétit" video, fruits and vegetables and all, Noisey reports.
But viewers were still stuck on Backpack Kid.
The Lawrenceville, Georgia teen doesn't quite understand his own fame, he told BET last year. "I have no idea," he said when asked how he became a social media celebrity. "It just started taking off so I kept it going. The first video of me dancing went viral in January, then another in May, and then yesterday."
If he had to guess, though, he said, "I think people love the videos so much because they’re original. Yeah, there are other dance videos, but mine are funny. There’s nothing else like it." Anyone who caught SNL will know just what he means. We're excited to see what other performances he pops up in now, because other artists must be clamoring to feature his moves.

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