This Deleted Scene From Get Out Could Have Changed SO Much

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Spoilers...many, many spoilers ahead!
After becoming so well-acquainted with Allison Williams’ insufferable character Marnie in Girls, seeing her portray the terrifying Rose Armitage in Jordan Peele’s Get Out, was uncomfortable.
Yes, we know, it’s called...acting. It’s what Williams gets paid to do etc. But seeing her go from a manic twentysomething bitching about her gym membership to capturing Black men in an effort to harvest their body was, well...a lot.
We never got the full story on Rose, but let’s be real, after her ulterior motives were revealed, who cared? Though in a deleted scene exclusively released to the Huffington Post, Rose alludes to a backstory that may explain her brand of evil.
After Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) was hypnotized by Rose’s mother, he explains to his girlfriend the next day what happened. “I was in a hole or something. And I couldn’t move,” Chris says to her in the bedroom.
In the cut footage Rose sits on the bed and explains to her beloved, “I had the same thing. She hypnotized me when I was in high school for stage fright and I had the craziest nightmares. But, I just remember thinking it worked.”
If this was indeed true, this would mean that Rose was also subjected to her mother’s evil tactics. Meaning she was mind-controlled from the start.
Why was this scene deleted? Who knows. Peele hasn’t discussed it directly. Though I’d imagine too much context for this awful character would’ve given (some) moviegoers an excuse to feel empathy for her. And that friends, is something we didn’t need.
In an interview with Vanity Fair, Williams may have alluded to the deleted scene when she discussed how difficult Get Out was to film. “It wasn't easy [to film], but that's a good thing,” she said.” Later she continued, “I understood why she was the way she was, but I have no empathy for her.”
Watch the scene below! Here’s hoping Allison Williams’ next role is lovable and kind.

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