Riverdale Is Coming To Netflix, So Here's Cole Sprouse Eating A Burger

Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock/REX.
Riverdale, the CW's dark twist on Archie comics, has already garnered a huge fanbase thanks to its plot twists, nostalgia casting, and catchy tunes, but thanks to Netflix, a whole new audience can experience it (and die-hard fans can binge-watch it all over again) without commercials or having to wait for weekly installments. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Netflix gave fans a gift they didn't know they needed: a short clip of star Cole Sprouse chowing down on a burger.
"This precious, burger-loving angel will be coming to Netflix in 3 days," the streaming service posted to Twitter alongside the short clip. That means that on May 18, Netflix will start streaming the CW series' first season, but in the meantime, fans can enjoy the clip, which has "Jughead finally eats a burger" floating across the screen. Sprouse is also wearing a Coachella-ready fringed suede jacket and throwback rock T-shirt, though that probably doesn't mean much (Let the fan theories begin!).
Why the hamburger? Teen Vogue says that the hamburger is in response to the fan outrage over the fact that Jughead (Cole Sprouse's character) isn't eating them more often in the show. In the old school comics, Jughead was basically eating a burger every time he made an appearance. In Riverdale, however, the burgers are few and far between. This clip may be Netflix's way of giving Juggy some quality burger time. Another major change? Sprouse doesn't get to wear Jughead's signature crown, though his floppy hipster beanie with a few crown-like spikes does make for a suitable stand-in.
So, while this particular Sprouse clip is giving viewers all the hamburger moments that they've been craving, the entire season available to stream is probably just as delicious.
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