This Café's Crepe Cake-Boba Combo Is About To Blow Up On Instagram

Photo: StockFood.
In January, we gave a shouted out to San Diego’s Square Bar Café for its trendy and tasty treats, specifically the Cereal Ice Cream Sandwiches made with Fruity Pebbles. The spot also offers boba served in repurposed lightbulbs, which some have called the new mason jars and perhaps trendiest of all, rainbow bagels. This past weekend, the same café opened another location in San Jose. According to Eater San Francisco, with its new location comes the introduction of yet another menu item that we're pretty sure is about to go viral. It's a slice of crepe cake served on top of a boba beverage.
The slices of crepe cake that are speared by the drinks' straws are made up of 20 crepe layers, and in between each crepe is a generous smear of whipped cream. With help from Instagram, an obvious medium for such a sweet treat, the Square Bar Café team is drawing attention to the menu option as a new kind of combo. The café Instagram account has posted a few photos of the drink topped with cake. One caption read, "Get your crepe cake and drink it too," and another said, "Who's needs peanut butter and jelly when you can have drinks and crepe cake." Clearly, Square Bar wants to make this a classic pair, and we can see how it just might work because the photos are certainly eye-catching.
Like with so many popular food items, there is a catch. Square Bar Café's owner Ben Nguyen told Eater that unfortunately, this crepe cake drink combo that his social media team came up with isn't being sold quite yet. That's because the café doesn't have the space or special machinery required to bake it, so Nguyen is currently looking into finding local bakeries that can supply the cake for Square Bar. He didn't give a date for when this might get figured out, but we're sure Instagram users who visit the café will be sure to let us know as soon as it does. Until then, we'll be checking Square Bar Café's account regularly to admire its exclusive photos.

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