Charcoal Lattes Are The Ultimate Anti-Unicorn Drink

Do rainbow-hued products now inexplicably make you queasy? Are you unable to scroll through your social media feeds without wincing at the sight of more and more sparkly-magical edible goods? You may be suffering from unicorn fatigue — and you're not alone. The unicorn trend has taken over in such an all-encompassing way, that we'd venture to guess a good portion of the population may currently be suffering from some serious burnout. But we've got good news — maybe even a permanent cure-all: the charcoal latte.

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Thanks to the folks over at Hello Giggles, we've been tipped off to this humbling coffee creation. No glitter. No glitz. Just gray activated charcoal that's been swirled with some frothed-foamy milk for a latte that's understated and sophisticated. We feel the excess glitter washing away already. So for those of you out there in need of a unicorn drink "detox," this cup of muted hues may just be what the doctor ordered.

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And if looking at pictures isn't a strong enough fix, it looks like the trend is specifically taking off in London. A coffee and wine bar called DAMSON & CO is one of the most Instagrammed spots as is Farm Girl Cafe, also located across the pond. While we haven't spotted a stateside version of the beverage just yet, start by check out Brit & Co's step by step guide to whipping up your own at home for sipping — or venture out in search of a coffee shop that is bringing them to the U.S. We might just see you there.

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