Women Are Eating This Spicy Pizza To Induce Labor — & They Swear It Works

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Love pizza and buffalo wings? Pregnant with a baby on an extended schedule? Well if you live near any of Hawthorne Pizza’s several locations, nudging your stubborn newborn to make its debut, may be a simple as eating a slice of their spicy Buffalo Wing pizza.
Several women claimed that after eating a slice (or two, or three) of Hawthorne’s spicy pie, they went into labor almost immediately after.
One of those women, Ali Aldrich, caught up with People and shared her story. Aldrich was 38-and-a-half weeks pregnant with her first child and after doing
“I was very pregnant. I was pretty big and swelling a lot, so I was really ready to go,” the now mother of two said. After a recommendation by her husband, they ordered a pie. “I had always heard spicy foods could do it, so we ordered the pizza at 6 p.m. and by 10 that night, I was in labor,” she said.
Before the birth, Aldrich tried every old wive’s tale you could think of including a more conventional method, foot massages. After Aldrich gave birth, her very pregnant neighbor also gave the buffalo chicken pizza a try and got the same results. “They ordered the pizza and were at their house eating, and she went into the bathroom and her water broke,” Aldrich said. The two women chalked up the shared experience as a funny coincidence that is, until six years later when it happened again to a mutual friend. Five other women came forward with similar tales.
As for what exactly is in the recipe that’s making newborns a bit more enthusiastic about their worldly debut? It’s anyone’s guess, becuase the owners are not telling. However, the owner did note to People that the spicy buffalo sauce is a homemade creation. “It’s not too spicy, but it’s spicy enough to induce a baby,” said Hawthorne’s co-owner, John Adams.
Their Buffalo Wing pizza has been nicknamed The Inducer.
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