Property Brothers Isn't Actually 100% Real

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images.
The Property Brothers are breaking down the fourth wall. No, it's not just another home renovation on the duo's HGTV shows. The pair revealed what many fans had long suspected about the Property Brothers franchise: Not everything that's on the show is real. In fact, there's plenty of TV magic thrown in to create the shows that fans know and love.
House Beautiful explains that many times, the Scott brothers (Jonathan and Drew) have to recreate scenes that had already happened. In reality, the camera crew can't capture every moment perfectly and there are plenty of factors to consider in a home renovation, like lighting, wind, and other things that could interfere with filming.
"At the end of the day, it has to be interesting television," Drew said to the New York Times. "But when we find a load-bearing wall, we are really finding a load-bearing wall."
When they're not finding load-bearing walls, Drew and Jonathan are re-filming moments of surprise (and pulling toilets out of the floor) as well as recreating some not-so-magical moments. During the filming of one episode, a tornado tore a chimney off of a house, so Drew and the crew had to film a scene the next day feigning surprise and fear. In that episode, Drew can be seen saying, "Go inside, guys! I don't want you to work outside; it's too windy." In reality, the tornado happened the night before and there was no danger.
The process is the same on all of the brothers' shows, whether it's the tentpole Property Brothers, Brother vs. Brother, or Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch. The houses may be spectacular on each one, but rest assured, the drama and trouble may not be great. That's why some of it has to be manufactured — all in the name of good TV, of course.
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