The Soothing Voice Behind House Hunters Gave Her First Interview

Photo: Via @andromedavoice.
There's something inexplicably alluring about HGTV's House Hunters. It's a simple show — families hunt for homes, as the title suggests. Andromeda Dunker narrates the series, and she just gave her first extensive interview to BuzzFeed News. Until now she's always remained on the sidelines, a mysterious disembodied voice guiding us through participants search for a home.
"Part of my job is to be in the background,” Dunker told BuzzFeed about her work on the show. “I’m not really with you, but I am leading you through this journey as a narrator. That’s kind of how I see it. If I were to come out more as a personality of my own, then it kind of breaks it. I’m not sure it would work as well.”
According to the extensive profile, Dunker records up to 20 episodes per week — House Hunters episodes are recorded at a studio in Hollywood, and House Hunters International are recorded at her own home. (Production for the globe-trotting show occurs in New York.) When she's not recording the show, she's hanging at her own home in Hollywood with her husband Joshua Silwa, two dogs, and a pretty spectacular-looking pool.
As for all the criticism aimed at the show, Dunker has some thoughts. For those who don't follow the series, it can get absurd. The reigning joke on Twitter is that two people with a very low budget usually desire a home seemingly way out of their range. For example:
But that's the drama of the show: Find a home that fits precisely within extreme constraints. More official complaints have alleged that the show falsifies the home search, arguing that the it features "hunters" who already have a home in mind.
"It’s not a five-hour documentary following them to see 25 houses. We can only show so much,” Dunker said. “People who are shocked like this are not familiar with production at all. You can’t just follow a couple around for 10 years while they look for a house."
Dunker truly seems to love her job. And who wouldn't? For eight years, the Connecticut native has narrated the ever-fascinating real estate search for couples all over the country — and all over the world in the case of Home Hunters International.
Just three weeks ago, Dunker shared a photo of herself in the voice-over booth, cheesing for the camera. "In the VO booth at Pie Town, talkin' 'bout some more happy house hunters!" she writes in the caption. She added the hashtag "#ilovemyjob."

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