Girl Emerges From Coffin At Prom, Internet Goes Wild

Just when you thought that promposals couldn't get any more over the top, today's teenagers now have a totally separate prom-related worry: their entrance. One New Jersey teen decided to forgo the stretch limo and opt for something a little more macabre. reports that 17-year-old Megan Flaherty showed up to the Pennsauken High School junior prom via hearse — and she emerged from a coffin upon arrival.
It wasn't a closed casket situation, however. When Flaherty arrived at the prom, a top hat-wearing chauffeur, who happened to be a family friend (and funeral director), opened the back of the hearse to reveal an open coffin. Flaherty was lying inside, all done up in her prom dress. The driver lowered the coffin so that her classmates could see her inside before her date, Stephen Caldwell, aka the most understanding and accommodating person walking this green Earth, took her hand and escorted her inside.
"I made sure my prom date was okay with it," Flaherty told
Of course, the internet went crazy after photos of Flaherty's grand entrance went viral. She's not concerned, however. "Anything people do these days, people judge it," she added. "People have opinions."
Why the coffin? Flaherty explains that the idea of death and dying has always fascinated her. But she's no goth. She's actually very interested in the funeral industry and plans on heading to Mercer County Community College's funeral service program after her high school graduation. Dennis McGee, the driver, explained that Flaherty has been asking to work with him and has helped out at various funerals. Looks like she's got her future all planned out.
Naturally, the dramatic entrance stunned her classmates. It's not every day you see a hearse at a prom, after all.
"I don't think they were really processing it," Flaherty explained. "I'm a quiet person in school, so people didn't expect it."

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