Bravo's High School Project Will Recreate The Lives Of Rich, Hard-Partying Teens In The '90s

Photo: Kurt Iswarienko/Bravo.
Good news for reality TV fans! Bravo has announced six new unscripted series, and some of them actually sound like something we've never seen on TV before. There is some standard fare: a few home renovation shows, inspired by success of Million Dollar Listing New York and tentatively titled Center Staged (about staging a house before putting it on the market), Million Dollar Home Hacks (about making a room look expensive on a budget), Flippin Exes (about a pair of exes who flip houses together). Beyond that, things get interesting.
First we have The High School Project, which Bravo describes in a press release as "a ground breaking re-creation series that follows the true stories of New York City’s most elite students who grew up fast and partied hard in the '90s." The release continues, "From lavish lifestyles, to drinking and arrests, to insane vacations and fake IDs, the series retells the tales that changed their lives forever." TBH, we're not even quite sure what exactly a "recreation series" is. Is that just a fancy-pants way of saying they're going to hire actors to reenact scenes from NYC high schools in the '90s? But then, how is that "unscripted"? We're definitely intrigued.
Next is Welcome To America, which sounds pretty damn relevant in the wake of an election that exposed how segmented the population is as we all live in our comfortable respective bubbles. Per Bravo: "This groundbreaking social experiment takes a small American town, with demographics that haven’t changed in centuries, and shakes up the population to reflect different parts of the country. Key members of the town will voluntarily leave for one month, and moving in will be a diverse group who will step into the vacated lives of the locals. Who will move into their homes, take on their responsibilities and become new neighbors to those who stayed behind? What new friendships will be made and what old prejudices will be challenged?" Wow, that's... a lot. Sounds like a setup for creating tensions — and, just possibly, establishing human connections where people learn that they're not quite as different from one another as they thought.
And last is Empty Nesters, which is exactly what it sounds like. "This series follows a group of friends who are planning to send their children to idyllic summer sleep away camps," according to Bravo. "And while their offspring tastes freedom for the first time, the parents will get their endless summer back. Gone are bedtimes, soccer practice and dance class – these parents are all about late nights and wild adventures without having to worry about carpooling in the morning." Parental party time, woo hoo!

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