10 Movie Scenes That'll Have You On The Floor — From Tequila

Stratus/Miramax/Buena Vista/REX/Shutterstock
It’s Friday. It’s May. The world is slowly getting warmer because of spring (and probably global warming, but let’s not dwell on that). Suddenly, in this brighter, more inviting weather, a wild night out seems like a much more feasible prospect.
But even the most fun-filled weekend can’t compare to these raucous movie scenes. Featuring poltergeists, piranhas, and practical magic, let’s just say you've never taken a tequila shot like these. These films take alcohol to some memorable heights.
So, in honor of the Cinco de Mayo parties that are likely to be raging in college towns across the United States, here are the best tequila shots and margaritas featured in cinema. Let these scenes inspire you for your own weekend. Bottoms up!
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