6 Sandwich Recipes That We Can't Believe Are Vegan

Photographed by William and Susan Brinson.
Contrary to what some might assume, vegan sandwiches aren't all just comprised of plain veggie fillers stuffed blandly between bread with no protein punchline. With the right recipes, there are seriously satisfying meat- and dairy-free options out there just begging to be munched. We're talking about juicy gryos, clubs, burgers, and even bánh mìs dressed in ample sauces and topped with all the right mix ins — coconut bacon, anyone?
Robin Robertson's Veganize It! includes plenty of vegan sandwich ideas and breaks them down step by step. From making your own hamish loaf to whipping up a vegan cheddar or tzatziki sauce, Roberston has it all. And we've got six of those savory sandwiches featured ahead; they're so good, they may just change your standard sub order (hold the salami).

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