Jessica Biel Doesn't Trust People Who Don't Like This Dessert

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If Twitter arguments have taught us anything, it's that almost everyone has at least one strong food-related opinion. Some people love eating pineapple on pizza and others would never be friends with anyone who thinks Hardee's is better than Wendy's. Even most celebrities have thoughts about which foods should be loved and respected and which ones should never be consumed in their presence. In a recent Delish video, Jessica Biel gave a tour of her Los Angeles restaurant Au Fudge and talked about one dessert that she thinks everyone should be a fan of.
Au Fudge officially opened its doors about a year ago, and since then, the restaurant geared toward parents and their young kids has thrived. In her interview with Delish, Biel explained that Au Fudge is different from many restaurants because it actually has au pairs you can drop your children off with while you go grab a cocktail and a dessert. She explained, "Au Fudge was born out of the minds of my partners who had kids before I did. They were tired of not having a place to go with their families where it was both fun for the kids and also fun for them." The concept of a place where kids will have fun that isn't miserable for adults is pretty genius.
Of course, having a restaurant that's great for all ages means there better be good food that everyone will like. That's why the place specializes in desserts. Biel said she got involved with the project because she loves to bake, and Au Fudge offers out-of-this-world baked goods. One of her fave menu items is what the shop calls Avalanche Bars, which are made with Rice Krispies, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and rainbow sprinkles. It was at this point in the interview that Jessica Biel shared her very strong food opinion. She told Delish, "I'm not sure I trust somebody who doesn't like Rice Krispy Treats." That's an intense food view we have no problem getting behind, especially after seeing what Au Fudge's Avalanche Bars look like. But, we bet that if she tweeted that opinion out into the Twitter-verse, there would plenty of Rice Krispy Treat haters out ready at their keyboards.
Watch Biel's interview and see the tour of Au Fudge, below.

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