A Tide To Go Stick For Pimples Exists — & It Actually Works

There are quite a few things we should always have in our bag in case of minor emergency, but rarely do. To name a few: an extra tampon, a deodorant eraser sponge, Advil, a hair elastic. But an acne treatment? It was never something we considered, but we have no clue why not.
After all, the only predictable thing about breakouts is that they're unpredictable. Pimples do not care about how kind and generous of a person you are, or the fact that you're on your honeymoon or giving the most important presentation of your career. They'll announce themselves whenever they see fit – and sometimes, that's when you're walking around in public, defenseless. (Don't try to tell us concealer will hide one of those brand-new, bright-red, inflamed suckers.)
You need a spot treatment in those instances, but finding one that doesn't come in a messy tube, smell like vodka, and leave noticeable, cakey residue behind is a challenge, which is why we never thought to take one on the go. Until now. This Oxy stick is like a Tide pen, but for acne. It comes in a thin tube that looks like lip balm (meaning you can pretty easily trick strangers into thinking you're not treating your pimples on the train) and packs a punch with 5% benzoyl peroxide. Most importantly, though, it's invisible on your skin — really. Just like that bully blemish will be in approximately 24 hours.
Oxy On-The-Go Acne Stick, $5.69, available at Target.
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