What Is Happening In This Photo Of Zayn?

Photo: TheStewartofNY/GC Images.
Did we blink and miss the incident that put Zayn Malik in a wheelchair? Apparently so, because the singer was spotted wheeling through New York City recently while heading to girlfriend Gigi Hadid's apartment, and now fans are seriously concerned.
"If Zayn is in a wheelchair than that means he hurt his foot," one fan tweeted after stumbling upon the pictures. "If his foot hurts that means he's in pain. Zayn is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN PAIN."
"Zayn visited Gigi when he was in a wheelchair and I can't even get a text back," another fan jokingly lamented. Granted, not everyone has teams of personal assistants willing to wheel them wherever they want to go, but either way it definitely seemed like a struggle for the "Pillowtalk" singer to get from point A to point B.
Luckily, the injury isn't that serious. “Zayn injured his foot, but is fine,” a rep told Entertainment Tonight. They didn't disclose what type of injury it was, or how it came about, which leaves only our imagination to fill in the blanks. As for me, I hope it was a freak moonwalking accident.
Fans rallied around the hashtag #GetWellSoonZayn in hopes of curing him with their good vibes. However, others were skeptical there was anything to cure in the first place.
"Zayn [M]alik stubbed his toe and is currently in a wheelchair I aspire to be that extra," someone joked, referring to the admittedly small bandage on the star's foot. Along those lines, the Daily Mail reports that one day later he was up and about like nothing had happened.
"I can't believe zayn had me sweating with those wheelchair pics and he's walking the next day," one fan said, emphasizing his remarkably quick recovery time.
The important thing is that Zayn's okay, and that there's no injury, big or small (or really small), that will hold him back.

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