Coffee Lovers Will Think This Is The Best New Trader Joe's Product Since Cookie Butter

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Some mornings it’s hard to think of anything but coffee. We may have fallen asleep with visions of French toast and bacon dancing around in our heads, but when that alarm clock goes off, we've got one-track minds that are speeding in the direction of caffeine. Lucky for us coffee fanatics that just want to enjoy a nice breakfast once in a while, Trader Joe’s released a product that may make it easier for us eat while also getting the coffee flavor we need. It's called Coffee Syrup.
Earlier today, the candyhunting Instagram account posted a photo of the new product, which at first glance, looks like a regular bottle of maple syrup. However, the label reads "Trader Joe's Coffee Syrup," and it features two little coffee beans. For the photo's caption, candyhunting wrote, "New Coffee Syrup at Trader Joe's! It can be poured over waffles, pancakes, French toast, ice cream, oatmeal, cake, salad, potato chips, vegetables, everything, etc. Let your imagination run wild!"

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While we don't think we'd put it on vegetables, we can definitely see this syrup being a nice addition to our pancakes, french toast, and even ice cream. It may even have the potential to replace Cookie Butter as our favorite waffles condiment — maybe.
Just imagine opening up the bottle to receive that energizing scent of coffee. Knowing this concoction is going on top could give us the boost we need to throw some pancake batter in a hot pan and make a real breakfast for once. Pour Coffee Syrup over the stack, and we've got the best of both worlds: coffee and a good meal. Plus, it will compliment the couple mug-fulls of actual coffee we'll inevitably be pairing with the pancakes.

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