Foster Farms Recalls Over 65 Tons Of Frozen Chicken

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Anyone who stocked up on frozen chicken needs to take a second look at their haul. Fox reports that Foster Poultry Farms (more commonly known as Foster Farms) has recalled 131,880 pounds of frozen chicken patty products. Utah, California, Alaska, and Arizona shoppers are being affected by the recall. According to the USDA, "foreign material" has appeared in five-pound bags containing 20 pieces of breaded chicken patties. The packages have a best by date of 02/15/18.
The bags in question were produced on February 15, 2017, and have the establishment number "P-33901" printed on them. While "foreign material" may seem vague, the USDA explains that consumers have reported clear, soft plastic in their patties. That's not as scary as something like E. coli, but it is still something to look out for, especially if you're in possession of one of the affected bags. Foster Farms received complaints on March 22, April 3, and April 15, 2017, prompting an investigation and the recall. The poultry company explains that the plastic is from the packaging and the FDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) hasn't reported any adverse reactions (yet). Anyone with one of the recalled packages should contact Consumer Affairs immediately at 800-338-8051 to set up a refund.
This frozen chicken scare is just the latest food recall to make us question what exactly happens in food packaging plants — though it's certainly not the grisliest. Recently, a couple found a decaying bat in a package of salad greens purchased at Walmart. But it's not just healthy options getting the recall treatment. Your breakfast isn't safe, either. More recently, McCain Foods USA, Inc., recalled its frozen hash browns after pieces of golf balls were discovered among the shredded potatoes. Oh, and if this has scared you out of eating entirely, not even Soylent, everyone's favorite food substitute, is safe.

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