Another Season Of 13 Reasons Why Might Already Be Underway

Photo: Beth Dubber/Netflix.
Warning: spoilers for 13 Reasons Why below.
Is it true? Could writers already be working on season 2 of 13 Reasons Why? The Hollywood Reporter thinks so. The outlet heard from a source that a writers room has been crafting the second season for a few weeks now — and is this close to renewing the series with Netflix.
Netflix declined to comment to Refinery29 on the accuracy of the claims, or whether or not there were any plans for a season 2 of the hit drama. However, after the success of the show, especially its courage to tackle such sensative topics, it's hard to believe anyone would turn down more of the series.
In fact, Jay Asher, the author of the original book itself, has straight up said that he'd be very down for the story to continue.
"I’d just like a continuation of all those characters,” he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I’m curious as well. What happens to Clay? How do people react to what Alex did at the very end? What’s going to happen to Mr. Porter? I’d thought of a sequel at some point. I’d brainstormed it, but decided I wasn’t going to write it. So I’d love to see it."
Plus, with the way the series ended, there's so much more left to explore. What's the deal with Tyler and the weapons he's keeping in a trunk? Will Alex be okay? We spent so long getting to know these characters that it seems cruel to leave them in what still seems like the middle of their stories.
And then, of course, there are the fans, who are extremely vocal about their love of the show — even going as far as to make memes of the series. If it were to return, there'd be no shortage of viewers. It's clearly resonated, and is dealing with topics many teens want to talk about but haven't found the right way.
If the show taught us one thing, it's that rumors can be dangerous, but when it comes to this one, we seriously hope it's true.
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