All The Thoughts I Had While Watching The Handmaid's Tale Premiere

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
The latest and possibly scariest new post-apocalyptic TV show is here. But, instead of zombies or a plague taking out society, something much scarier ended the world as we know it. It was politics. Handmaid’s Tale has finally premiered after countless frightening trailers that look a little too close to our current political environment for anyone’s liking.
The series takes place after a religious movement called the Sons Of Jacob holds a political coup and takes women’s rights back to the Old Testament, only now there are also automatic weapons involved in keeping them subjected. Women are separated into very different groups depending on their social status, sexual orientation, and ability to conceive. That final qualifier is especially important since the world is plagued by rampant infertility.
Women who are still fertile are called handmaids and are given to the most powerful men in society to bare their children. That means they're raped by these men. With so many awful things going on in Handmaid’s it’s unsurprising that I, an ardent feminist, would have a ton of feelings and opinions while watching its first episode, “Offred.” Take a look at the gallery for a minute-by-minute report on what I found.

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