Beyoncé's Bodyguard Is A Hero Among Men & This Ode To Him Proves It

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock.
Every Queen has her court, so it's only fitting for Beyoncé to have her own, too. In addition to being surrounded by her mother, Tina, her husband, Jay Z, her daughter, Blue Ivy, and the team of people that make her look flawless (makeup artists, stylists, and hair dressers), there's one man who would literally take a bullet for the Queen Bey: Julis de Boer, Bey's personal bodyguard. (I mean, Jay would too, sure.)
Julius is tall, laser-focused, and not someone to mess around with. In a world of wild fans, someone like Beyoncé needs surveillance at all times to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely — especially now that she is pregnant with her two royals-to-be. Julius would, in the words of Bruno Mars, catch a grenade for her. But is he ever given the recognition for his tireless work over the years (he first starting working for the singer in 2008)? According to one Twitter user, @babyheirandafro, the answer is no. So, they aimed to fix that. In an interview with Essence, Mariah (the Twitter user's real name) said she was inspired to compose the thread because she missed Beyoncé. (Which, same.)
In a long, but delightful Twitter thread, this Bey-Juls fan went on to share the bodyguard's most heroic moments, proving that not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear jeans and sneakers with button-up shirts.
So, let's dive into this glorious an ode to Julius — the man, the myth, the beykeeper.
First, there's this brilliant photoshopped cover of the 1992 thriller classic starring Whitney Houston as a pop star with a crazed stalker (that would be Bey in this image) and Kevin Costner as secret service agent Frank Farmer, assigned to look after her.
And now we get to the evidence of his super bodyguard skills.
Here he is taking care of the shit that went down when there was a billion dollars on an elevator.
Even little girls can be a danger.
Here is Beyoncé instructing Julius to move out of her shot on the set of her music video for "Best Thing I Never Had."
Watch him LEAP onstage to pull a crazy off of Bey. And please note how flawlessly she returns to performing.
Julius knows that potential hazards lurk around EVERY corner, which is why even a woman in her own car is sort of a threat to the Queen Bey.
He literally sprints to take care of Bey, because he knows he is the best.
And finally, here is his having Bey's back in the middle of the goddamn ocean.

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