Either Starbucks Baristas Are Trolling Us Or There's Going To Be A Sriracha Frappuccino

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
If you thought the Unicorn Frappuccino was as kooky as a Starbucks beverage could get, think again. Just two days after the beverage was retired, and we're once again able to enter our local Starbucks without long lines of Frapp fans, Reddit has some news. There may be another wacky frapp flavor on its way to Starbucks in the near future, and this one is made with the another trendy elixir, Sriracha.
You may be thinking, wait, what? Hot sauce and coffee don’t go together! But, this time last year, none of us thought unicorns and coffee went together either, and look at the world now. We discovered Starbucks' alleged new drink when a barista posted a photo of it to the /r/Starbucks subreddit last night. The post was entitled, "Got to make one of the new summer drinks today!"
To be totally honest, when we first laid eyes on the photo featuring the drink and the Sriracha packet, it immediately crossed our minds that this barista could be trolling us. It would make sense after the internet lost it when a barista leaked the Unicorn Frappuccino on the site a few weeks ago. But, after reading the comments, we decided there's a possibility that it might actually be legit. More than one commenter asked if it was a joke, and the answer from responding baristas was always "Nope." Some even warned the original poster that they shouldn't be sharing the photo before an official announcement.
Many of the commenters seem to understand anyone feeling apprehensive about this spicy beverage, but those that say they have tried it wrote that the drink is actually quite good. One Redditor explained, "Me and my partners were very skeptical when we saw the new drink recipe card, but holy cow! The siracha is soooo tasty in frappuccino form, I can totally see this being the new craze!" Though we don't yet know exactly what's in the drink, another Redditing barista explained that it's "just like any standard creme flavored frappuccino, this time w/ sriracha!" Another said it's amazing if you add a pump of mocha. We'll definitely make sure to try that if and when it ends up being released.
According to comments, the recipe card is apparently already at Starbucks locations, but the actual drink won't be released until July. Some said it's coming out the weekend before the 4th, while others insisted it won't be available until mid-July. So, if you're totally freaked out by yet another slightly unusual concept from the coffee chain, you still have a few months to prepare yourself. The rest of us will be waiting with rapt anticipation. Then again, there's always a chance that a some baristas teamed up to have some fun with Frapp fans and, if that's the case, can we really blame them? They just spent the last week making a whole lot of Unicorn Frappuccinos.

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