Trader Joe's Made Birthday Cake Portable With This Candy Bar

Is there anything that Trader Joe's can't do? Apparently not. Thanks to an announcement from foodie Instagram The Junk Food Aisle, we now know that our beloved TJ's is elevating its dessert game. Behold a birthday cake flavored candy bar that will leave your mouth watering until you can snatch it up on your next food shopping excursion.
There's nothing that I look forward to more than a sugar-laden treat, and I'm particularly in love with all-things sprinkles. That's why the new candy bar from Trader Joe's sounds like it was specifically designed with my sweet tooth in mind. According to The Junk Food Aisle, the new bar has a white chocolate base peppered with cookie crumble and sprinkles.
Any sprinkle fiend knows that those colorful additions do more than just unicorn-fy your dessert: They also make your sweet treat taste like you're celebrating the day you were born. (Seriously, trust no one who would pass on funfetti-flavored anything.)
The packaging itself is just as cute as what's inside. The pic features balloons against a yellow sprinkle motif. There's even a cute candle sticking out of the cake design.
Ugh. Can I grab like...nine of these?

Trader Joe's Birthday Cake Bar! White Chocolate bar with cookie crumbs and sprinkles #thejunkfoodaisle

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Of course, Trader Joe's creating a drool-worthy dessert is nothing new. This is the same specialty store that birthed dark chocolate-covered cherries (always a fun addition to top on brownies) and the (better than Reese's) peanut butter cups. It's also the store that consistently delivers innovative takes on my ultimate fave dessert — cupcakes. (The Valentine's Day cupcakes, with pretty pink buttercream frosting, are particularly gorgeous and tasty.)
The only thing that Trader Joe's is currently lacking is birthday cake cupcakes — could its new candy bar inspire yet another dessert? Fingers crossed those cookie crumbs migrate over to an actual birthday cake soon. (How very Momofuku Milk Bar, no?)
While we may have to wait on a birthday cake dessert you can stick a candle in, I'm totally hitting up my local Trader Joe's for a taste of the sweet life.
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