The Beauty Products Found In Celeb Dressing Rooms Aren't What You Expect

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
As a society, we love calling out celebs for their seemingly outrageous behavior. And if that performer happens to be a woman? Well, then she often gets labeled a “diva,” too. But here’s the thing: After combing through celebrity riders allegedly leaked online over the past few years, we found the list of demands for beauty products to be pretty darn reasonable. Purell and fresh towels to use after a sweat-inducing performance? Who wouldn’t want that?
For those that don't know, riders are pre-arranged requests necessary for the artist to perform, often featuring food, beauty products, and the like. In the documents uncovered, there are a few celebs who get pretty specific about their beauty needs when on the road. Of the bunch, one of the most specific was — surprise! — Kanye West. But that's not all: The army of players that count hairspray among their must haves? No it’s not Katy Perry and crew — it’s the next wave of highly hair conscious boy banders. Meanwhile, the KatyCat is just looking for a humble box of baby wipes. Seriously. Of course, these are all alleged, but they don't seem too far off.
Ahead, see which stars can’t leave home without certain beauty swag — unless it’s included in their riders.

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