Is This The Craziest List Of Celebrity Demands, Ever?!

On December 30, Diplo will be performing with Afrojack and Pacha at Pier 94 in Manhattan. And aside from crowds of screaming fans, the DJ/rapper/record exec is looking to bring out a whole other crew. In Diplo's just-released list of backstage demands: "a gorilla ('Silverback is preferred, an orangutan is also acceptable'), one Malawi orphan, one 'parrot that is trained to say [Diplo’s] name,' and one arranged marriage," the NY Post reports.
But that's not all. For recreation, Diplo simply must have a dart board with Nicholas Cage's face on it, Lost season three (on VHS mind you!), and two inflatable animals (“bonus points for endangered or extinct species”). If that doesn't set the mood? Well, don't worry — the guy's also got a violin player to play while he "eats his cheese plate." We think this hilarious rider is more baller than bogus, but what say you? Tell us what would be on your rider in the comments below. (NY Post)
Photo: Via The NY Post

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