Katy Perry Shares The "World's Best Cherry Pie" Recipe

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Could Katy Perry be the next Ina Garten? Fat chance. But if you ask the 32-year-old singer, she’s got a thing for cherry pie and she did what anyone with a love of the fruity dessert would love to do: She made a suggestive song about it.
On Monday, Perry tweeted out, “World's Best Cherry Pie recipe ?: #BonAppétit, baby!” The tweet was accompanied by a cheeky pie recipe with six steps on pie-making basics: the ingredients for the crust, filling, and of course, the directions.
While most of the directions were typical there was emphasis on making a “juicy filling” and how “this pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy.” Either Perry is a devout pie-maker hellbent on creating the best flaky crust and sweet-tart filling (if so, respect) or perhaps, those are lyrics? We’re gonna go with the latter here.
As noted by People magazine, Perry recently teased the song in a fun Instagram story, as she jammed out to the tune playing in the background. The track is rumored to also feature Ariana Grande, though this has not been confirmed.
In addition to labeling herself the “Queen of innuendo,” Perry also commented on the song during an interview with E! News in February and confirmed that fans should expect a sexy tune.
“I have one song called 'Bon Appétit' that I love...it's pretty sexual," she said in a high pitched, matter-of-fact response.
For weeks now, Perry has dropped teases for what we can expect on her upcoming full-length album. In addition to “Chained To The Rhythm,” Perry also mentioned in her E! News interview that it’s the kind of album that will “make people move” and “Some of that good old Katy Perry fluffy stuff that you love so much.”

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