The Chainsmokers Spelled "Pittsburgh" Wrong & The Internet Had A Field Day

The Chainsmokers may have just made some enemies in Pittsburgh.
At their concert this weekend, the EDM duo tried to celebrate the city with a "Pittsburgh" banner. The only problem? They spelled the city's name wrong.
The duo left off the last letter, making the city "Pittsburg." Fans were quick to comment on the "Thank you Pittsburg" mistake.
The mistake happened at a concert Saturday, but Twitter users across the country are still reveling in the spelling mishap two days later.
And more than a few people encouraged the musicians to employ a spell checker of some sort.
There was even a Simpsons joke thrown into the mix.
And one fan decided to beat The Chainsmokers at their own game, misspelling the duo's title.
Others noted that The Chainsmokers could start a trend with the mistake.
There's a silver lining, though — the mistake brought Pittsburg, California, into the conversation. And that city really does leave off the "h."
Plus, for people who don't live in the city, the mistake was a spelling lesson of its own.
Luckily, the duo had a good attitude about the whole fiasco. "Well at least we got another chance this week in Clevlande," The Chainsmokers tweeted.
They also made a point to explain that the mixup was the fault of an employee in the duo's visual department, not The Chainsmokers themselves. "lol totally putting our visual guy on blast for misspelling Pittsburgh at the end," the duo wrote in a now-deleted tweet.
On the one hand, it's an easy mistake to make — it's hard to keep track of which 'burg cities end in "h." On the other hand, this could easily have been fixed with a quick Google search. Either way, The Chainsmokers' visual employees are probably staying off Twitter for the next few days.

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