There's A Dead Body In A Trunk In This Pretty Little Liars International Promo

Got a secret, can you keep it? Not if that secret is the whereabouts of a dead body. A new Pretty Little Liars promo from Portugal proves that season 7b is revving up to be the most bonkers set of episodes yet — which is great news, considering it's also the Freeform show's swan song.
Though we've already seen some craziness from PLL's season 7b premiere — like, say, an evil board game the Liars will have to play in order to unmask A.D. — this promo from Portugal reveals one absolutely nuts scene that we have yet to see on Pretty Little Liars. At the 0:15 mark, Aria (Lucy Hale) opens the trunk of a car, only to scream. The reason? The trunk of said vehicle contains — gulp — a dead, decaying body. Or, rather, the arm of a dead, decaying body.
Check it out for yourself:
Though the dead body is definitely a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, pausing the video reveals something else about the corpse in the trunk: the body is missing a finger. Umm, what?!?
Here's the creepiest part: there could be a real reason why this dead body is lacking a single digit. It seems pretty likely that the body in the trunk is that of Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins), the evil hubby of Alison (Sasha Pieterse) whom Hanna (Ashley Benson) ran over with her car and the rest of the Liars helped bury. We know that A.D. — whoever this villain is — has a video of the Liars covering up the doctor's death, so it's possible they also have Rollins on ice somewhere. We know that someone (very likely a minion of A.D.) is parading around Europe pretending to be Dr. Rollins. Could this person need, say, Rollins' fingerprint to keep up the charade?
Yep, someone carrying around Dr. Rollins' finger in a lunchbox is pretty vom-worthy... but this is PLL. If it's not crazy, is it even really this show?

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