This Golden Snack Is Literally Popped By The Sun

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
What's on my desk this week? Popcorn that has been popped — wait for it — by the sun, on a farm, in the Hudson Valley; It doesn't get much more natural than that. This snack blessing from the sun gods is quirkily named BjornQorn, and is the edible brain child of one Minnesotan corn farmer and one artist-inventor team named Bjorn and Jamie.
BjornQorn is absolute popcorn gold. And as I would venture to confidently call myself a popped corn connoisseur, enthusiast, obsessor, what have you, I say that with the utmost seriousness. Not to mention that the rest of the Food Team was on-board and munching away on this stuff within minutes of opening. It truly tastes like a crunchy, golden gift touched by sweet rays of sunshine.
But before we totally get lost in the taste, let's discuss how the heck this corn is even popped, anyway! The kernels become corn through a mass popping process where, according to the BjornQorn site, they use "enormous mirrored reflectors to collect the sun's rays". Those rays are then directed at giant mirror-lined, in-ground kettles (the land becomes the stove, young grasshopper).
Now to the taste: Each bag is filled with the sun-popped corn that has been seasoned with safflower oil, salt, and nutritional yeast (giving it that umami factor). Plus, it's 100% vegan. Bags can be found at various specialty stores around the country for $6 a pop (see what we did there?). But if you're not in the mood for sun-pop scouring, then just scoop up your loot online and let the sun treat your tongue.
*Hot tip: Trust us, buy the bigger bag.
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