Will Smith Might Play This Iconic Disney Role

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Will Smith did drop out of Dumbo, but he may not yet be out of the Disney live-action-reboot game. Although we're not at all sure what a live-action reboot of Dumbo would look like (especially given that Smith was supposed to play the titular elephant?), today's news makes more sense: Variety reports that Smith could play the Genie in the live-action Aladdin.
The Genie was memorably played by Robin Williams in the 1992 animated version, so Smith would have big shoes to fill. Turns out William's will won't put the kibbosh on further Aladdin films after all.
Guy Ritchie will direct the movie, teaming with Big Fish writer John August in probably the oddest match we can think of. Will the live-action film provide a gritty, profanity-laced version of the charming thief? How many times will Brad Pitt stick a gun in someone's face? Is Vinnie Jones involved? Questions abound.
Smith seems more or less suited for the Genie. He's a big, charming personality who can dominate the screen in any role he's in. Choosing a straight-up comedian for the role would be complicated, as Williams' performance went beyond definitive. So they went with a movie star instead. We can't knock it.
Should he turn down the role, Gabriel Iglesias is more than ready to step in.
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