It Turns Out Chris Pratt Has A Really Good Sense Of Smell When It Comes To Junk Food

Photo: Aflo/REX/Shutterstock.
Chris Pratt can make us laugh, have us bopping along to his raps, and apparently, impress us with his ability to identify snacks. In a recent interview with E! News, Pratt was asked to put on a blindfold and figure out what foods were in front of him using only his sense of smell and touch. And, he turned out to be really, really good at it. The game was meant to be a take on the actor’s recent popular social media posts he calls “What’s My Snack.” In his What's My Snack videos, Pratt hilariously shares what healthy and somewhat boring foods he’s eating in preparation for the Jurassic World sequel. E! turned the tables, but Pratt was more than up for the challenge.
First up after Pratt slides on his blindfold were some PopTarts. Seconds after waving the plate in front of his nose, Chris knew what the treats were, and he didn't even have to touch them. Next came gummy bears, which he also identified in no time at all. At first, we thought that his break from junk food heightened the actor’s drive and ability to seek out sweet snacks, but when faced with kale chips, he pretty easily classified those too. For this one, Pratt did have to touch the them for a minute, but we think that's understandable since kale chips are really all about texture.
Our favorite part of the game comes when Pratt was faced with one of our favorite snacks, Cheetos. His quick identification and excitement over the realization perfectly sum up how we feel about those crunchy orange treats. He said, "Oh! Come on, that's unforgettable. That's Cheetos. Everyone knows that." Chris also said he needed an "olfactory palette cleanser" because "That Cheetos is strong." So true. The comedy actor turned action movie star turned talented food sniffer is constantly surprising us.

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