Sharpen Your Pencils: Kimmy Schmidt Is Going To College

Photo: Eric Liebowitz/Netflix.
Aaaaaand she's back. Well, almost. The new trailer for season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt dropped today and I'm pleased to announce Kimmy is at it again. And by that I mean, diving headfirst into a situation she is in no way prepared for as a woman who spent a good portion of her life underground. This time around, she's headed to college.
"Now that I have my GED, what do I do next?" Kimmy, played by Ellie Kemper, asks at the beginning of the trailer.
"After high school most white girls go to college," Lillian (Carol Kane) replies.
While Kimmy is busy getting collegiate (alongside a reluctant Xanthippe, played by Dylan Gelula), Titus (Tituss Burgess) is back and unemployed. He's also majorly suspicious of Michael, who he thinks is seeing another man after watching him enter his apartment with a stranger. This causes Titus to go full Lemonade, smashing Michael's car with a baseball bat.
That's not all. Kimmy is also still tangled up in a messy divorce with the Reverend, the man responsible for this whole mess, played by Jon Hamm. Plus, it looks like she has a whole new love on her hands. Or, at least, lust. The trailer ends with our protagonist sitting down with a new beau exchanging "sexual consent forms."
"What is this?" Kimmy asks.
"It's what I'm agreeing to let you do to me," her suitor replies.
"I like you but...I just met you," she says. "I'm not gonna — oh, come on! Thumbs are for hitchhiking and being Fonzie!"
Somehow everything and nothing has changed for Kimmy, which is honestly exactly what we want. The show has won the hearts of viewers for its reliable, upbeat laughs thanks to the characters' consistent dynamics. Watch the trailer below before the whole season drops on Netflix May 19!

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