How To Get Involved In The Women's March "We Belong Together" Campaign

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The day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president, roughly half a million people filled the streets of the capital for the Women's March on Washington. Still committed to opposing policies, politicians, and rhetoric that discriminate against women during Trump's first 100 days in office, the march's organizers launched "10 Actions in 100 Days," with the latest action centering around unity and family. If you want to participate, there are multiple ways to get involved in the Women's March "We Belong Together" campaign.
Launched Monday, "We Belong Together" is a week of action meant to motivate young activists, make communities more welcoming, and bring people together. "Young activists and youth engaged in their communities are not only the future — they are the present," the Women's March website says.
Black and Latinx kids went to Washington, D.C., last week to form a "unity circle" outside the White House, showing that they stand together against immigration policies that separate families. The "We Belong Together" campaign aims to spread the same type of unifying actions across the country, engaging entire families to highlight that "children have a critical role to play in the resistance movement."
Here are the ways the Women's March wants you to participate this week.

Create Your Own Unity Circle

If there isn't already a unity circle near you, the Women's March encourages you to form one. They're intended to get youth involved, but adults can participate, too, and the website recommends inviting local leaders to support the kids in their community. "We encourage kids and youth to form circles and link arms around spaces they seek to make safe and welcoming for all, such as schools, parks, playgrounds, city halls, and congressional offices, to demonstrate how young people are uniting against dangerous policies that threaten to tear communities apart," the site explains. There's even an online toolkit to help anyone start a unity circle.

Educate Yourself

If you want to participate without leaving your house, read up on the current immigration policies touted by the White House that largely impact families and kids of color. The Women's March compiled a list of links to check out, so scroll through and investigate a few resources you don't fully understand.

Send Postcards To Elected Officials

If you don't know any kids to rally together for a unity circle, a simple way to get involved in the week of action is writing postcards to your representatives in Congress asking them to oppose legislation that's harmful to immigrant and refugee families. You can create your own or download pre-made postcards here.

Encourage Others To Get Involved

The organizers suggest sharing a photo of your friends or family holding a "We Belong Together" sign, a photo of your child holding a sign that reads "Families Belong Together" or "Don’t Take Kids’ Parents Away," or a photo of your unity circle. The campaign's official hashtag is #WeBelongTogether, and tagging your elected officials in your photos is an easy way to get their attention.
The Women's March wants to keep up the momentum of the January rally that got the world's attention. If you can't participate this week, look out for the next campaign in the "10 Actions in 100 Days."

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