Trump Rally Gets Violent As Protesters Turn On Each Other

Photo: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images.
According to exclusive images and video captured by BuzzFeed News, unlike many of the Tax Day marches around the U.S., yesterday’s Free Speech rally in Berkeley California turned violent.
Aerial footage shows dozens of pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators kicking and fighting one another. A reported 200-300 people were involved in the rally, which began to break off into smaller groups. According to multiple sources from BuzzFeed, the two groups violently clashed after pro-Trump supporters “were confronted by self-described anti-fascist protesters.”
Despite law enforcement's stringent ban on weapons, this didn't stop civilians from using them during the unrest. Demonstrators from both sides used weapons; several also reported to seeing fireworks and smoke bombs tossed into the crowd.
“The City of Berkeley Police Department is a small to medium-size department," Berkeley Police Officer Byron White said to BuzzFeed. "Our police department total is 176. I can tell you most of that 176 is here today."
Twenty people were arrested on multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon and resisting law enforcement.
According to the Times, the rally — one of many taking place around the country — began peacefully, with only two dozen police officers at the park. A local artist passed out “empathy kisses,” while a vendor sold organic produce to passersby. Narrow entrances were even set up to maintain crowd control.
According to multiple reports, injuries from both pro- and anti-Trump sides were sustained. However, it seems an overwhelming number of Trump supporters were on the receiving end of violence. One man said after “he pursued a counter-demonstrator down a side street” he was attacked by a group wearing black masks. This was one of many similar stories reported by the Times.

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