Twitter Users Are Posting "Egg Sheeran" Photos For Easter

Photo: Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images.
Do you remember those Easter egg decorating kits from when you were a kid? I'm talking about the boxes with fizzy tablets of food coloring and that hexagon-shaped egg dropper that always seemed to buckle under the weight of a hardboiled egg. Those kits were pure fun during childhood. But, alas, they have nothing on this internet trend.
Just in time for Easter, Twitter users are sharing photos of eggs decorated as Ed Sheeran. "Egg Sheeran," get it? And no, this is not a joke.
The origin of the term "Egg Sheeran" appears to be from parents sharing photos of their kids' Easter egg contest entries. (Sadly, it doesn't look like Sheeran himself has responded to or liked any of the tweets.)
Once the pun hit the internet, other Twitter users created "Egg Sheeran" replicas of their own. Jesus has risen, and so have the memes.
Some of the "Egg Sheeran" eggs look like they're ready to perform "Shape of You" at your Easter brunch.
These ones even have crowds of adoring fans.
And this "Egg Sheeran" is giving off Jesse Tyler Ferguson vibes.
This one looks more like Humpty Dumpty than the "Castle on the Hill" singer.
Meanwhile, this egg is closer to the ones I remember decorating as a kid.
I'm partial to this one, though. The Easter-inspired chicks are a nice touch.
And if you're not in the mood to create a hardboiled masterpiece of your own, you can apparently buy Egg Sheeran pieces on Etsy.
Of course, this could all just be an elaborate plan on behalf of Twitter parents who want to troll Ed Sheeran. If I'd been forced to listen to Divide on repeat for the past month, maybe I'd keep tagging the singer in egg photos, too.

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