How This Plastic Surgeon Became A Hip-Hop Favorite

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Doctors hold the power of life and death in their hands. They can make you feel better you’re sick or want to change the way you look. They don't usually wear gold grills and have more followers than you. And you almost certainly shouldn't expect 2 Chainz to shadow them while they're doing a procedure and offer to pay for it. But if you’re a patient of Dr. Miami, all of this is possible.
Dr. Michael Salzhauer is the board-certified plastic surgeon at the helm of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery right outside of Miami. He can pull off rhinoplasties (nose jobs) and rhytidectomies (face lifts) but he is widely known for his gluteoplastia — or what is known more informally as the Brazilian butt lift. Using a combination of butt lift, liposuction, and/or tummy tuck, the surgeon prides himself on producing a “snatched” look for his patients — for they sport a small waist and proportioned curves in their hip and butt area. If you need a visual, think Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea. Dr. Miami’s highly sought after results — as of 12 weeks ago he was already booked until 2018 — have made him a bit of a legend, hence the popular, albeit informal, nickname.
What’s fascinating about Dr. Miami is that his reputation and work are not limited to the medical field. He’s the author of a children’s book. In 2008, he wrote My Beautiful Mommy, in order to help parents who undergo plastic surgery explain the changes to their children. He’s a social media guru. He has over 575,000 followers on Instagram and over 262,000 Likes on his official Facebook page. But Snapchat is where he really shines. His stories, which show him performing surgeries in real time — if you’re squeamish, I don’t recommend it — rack up daily views in the millions. In 2016, Dr. Miami was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Snapchatter alongside DJ Khaled and Kylie Jenner. He came in second place to Khaled.

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And he’s also making a mark on the music industry. We all listen to music at work, and I guess we should expect the same of a doctor who has to work on a single patient for at least a few hours at a time. With Dr. Miami, it’s usually rap music. He told the Breakfast Club, one of the biggest hip hop radio shows in the country, that it was his combination of musical interests and social media reach that led him to start his own record label, Surge Records. “People kept sending in their own songs they wanted us to play. So we were like send us your submissions, if we think they’re good, we’ll play ‘em on the Snapchat. It kind of started as half a joke but we actually signed five artists.”
It makes sense that Dr. Miami has found a second home in hip-hop. He specialized in contouring women’s bodies to have the small waists and big butts that are so often admired in the genre (with or without stretch marks). Naturally, as is the fate of most hip-hop B-listers, Dr. Miami — having successfully left his mark on social media — has now made his way onto the reality television circuit. On March 31, his self-titled television series premiered on We TV. And it looks like he might already be “crossing over.” His dance record, “Flawless,” was No. 9 on the iTunes dance chart last week. Luckily for him, the risk of being a one-hit wonder or a forgotten reality star aren’t that threatening. He has a pretty lucrative skill set to fall back on if being famous doesn’t work out.

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