These Indie Beauty Products Say All The Things You Wish You Could

We all have that one friend we love because, if nothing else, they make us laugh — the kind of belly-aching chuckle that betters even the worst day. Well, we found the beauty brand equivalent to that, and it’s 13 products deep. While it's true that what's inside the jar matters far more than the quippy name scribbled across the packaging, there is no better feeling than finding a product that does both. And the latest items from beauty brand Anese include the kind of hilarious catch phrases you'd tag your friends in on Instagram. It is tongue-in-cheek humor at its finest.
The company itself is even cooler. The list of indie brands is almost as extensive as the industry big wigs we've seen (and have loved) for decades, but we've yet to see one with such relatable branding. So how do they do it, you ask? Each product just keeps it real. Sure, the scrubs, creams, and oils are efficacious and smell great as ever, but the product names take it to a whole new level. They are sassy and clever — just like us. (Our favorite might be the body scrub, which is cheekily named That Booty Tho. Need we say more?)
This Instagram-friendly brand has more than meets the eye and if the products alone don’t pull you in, the names certainly will. Click ahead to check out the entire collection.

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