Where We Left Off With The Insult Machines Of Veep

Photo: Lacey Terrell/HBO.
As the anxious and grim Homeland season 6 door closes, the silly, expletive-filled window of Veep season 6 opens. The HBO White House comedy returns on Sunday, April 15, and we couldn’t need need it any more. While it’s possible to watch the scariest parts of our political landscape play out on TV, Veep reminds us our leaders may be far more bumbling than shows like Quantico lead us to believe. I mean, try to tell me Sean Spicer isn’t a conservative Mike McLintock made flesh.
Veep season 5 ended with our heroine Selina Meyer ousted from power after she and her political opponent Senator Bill O’Brien both failed to get 270 electoral votes during the election. Then, the House failed to pull have a majority vote. Then, when the Senate is set to vote on which vice presidential nominee will become president because Constitutional law is strange, they still split the vote in season-ender “Inauguration.” Vengeful current vice president Andre Doyle finally settles the debate. Somehow, opposing veep candidate Laura Montez will become president.
This is where the major beats of the finale come in. If you’ve forgotten what happens to Selina and her team after this twisty shocker, check out the gallery now.

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