The Freaky Face Mask That's Taking Over Instagram

Cutting-edge advancements in anti-aging technology and moisturizers that double as your daily source of sun protection are cool and all, but in my opinion, the best thing a skin-care product can do is provide instant gratification. I want cleansers that wash away the shit clogging my pores, serums that leave me glowing immediately after I pat them on in upward motions, and overnight treatments that ensure I wake up with the clear, unblemished complexion of a child who isn't obligated to walk the dog at 6:30 in the morning.
It’s a tall order, I guess, but not an impossible one. Hanacure, the buzzy new multi-action mask beloved by everyone from Drew Barrymore to this guy, promises exactly the kind of instant results I crave. Mix the Lifting Serum with the Gelling Solution to create the Purifying Compound which turns into the CO2 OctoLift and paint it on your face to lift and tighten while botanical extracts nourish, detoxify, and soothe, and peptides fend off signs of aging. Simple!
To fully grasp how Hanacure works, because clearly words do not suffice, you’ll need to see the standalone Instagram account dedicated entirely to what’s called the “Hanacure effect.” It shows not just dramatic before-and-afters, but also a closer look at how the mask works, which involves pulling your face skin taut on your skull in the name of a more youthful complexion. Just scrolling through the photos is surreal and mesmerizing, and even a little sadistic, considering how distressed everyone looks while in the process of getting Hanacure’d.
Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Krause.
I, too, looked distressed while wearing the mask. Frightened, even. And perhaps I was for a time, as I experienced the not entirely unpleasant but definitely very weird sensation of my face being pulled off my face. As I fanned myself with my hands (the brand recommends using a blowdryer on the cool setting to speed up the drying/tightening process), I wondered whether I would ever feel normal again. Could I go about the next day’s usual activities now that I know this feeling?
But much like the Instagram pictures, the mask itself is also strangely addictive. After making you look (and feel) like a shrunken head for 30 straight minutes, it rinses off with surprising ease to reveal skin that’s… better. Brighter, fresher, younger, softer, more even-toned. It'd be a fun party trick — you should try it.
As an added bonus, the Hanacure mask also makes for a very compelling Instagram post. And who knows? Maybe the company's account will even repost your picture and you’ll get 40 likes to Olivia Culpo’s 38 — or maybe that’s just me.
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