This Glass Bottom Sky Pool Looks Scary AF

I developed my fear of heights while standing on a guardrail-free rooftop about 30 stories above a shopping complex. My friend, who I'm mostly sure was joking, kept saying he was going to push me off. He didn't, but he gave me the lifelong gift of being leery near ledges.
Even if I hadn't had that wonderful experience, the sky pool at Houston's Market Square Tower probably could have instilled the respect for heights that I have to this day. The twist here is that not only is the pool 43 stories high, but it also has a glass bottom. If you don't fully understand the forces at play here, we recommend you watch this video.
There's also a normal part of the pool, which won't inspire you to feel temporarily like you are either Superman or falling to your death.
The view from below the pool looks less terrifying. Fun, even.
And from this angle, you know, it might be ok.

#houston never looked so good this week. Here's the view from 43 floors above. #marketsquaretower #destinationenglish

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Actually, no. Being outside the glass partition between the rooftop standers and the thin air. Also, there are only a few scant inches of glass in the pool itself. Nerve-wracking.

Swimmers high in the sky. #somanybutts

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