Everything You Need To Know About 50/50 Day

If January's triumphant Women's March already feels like a lifetime ago to you, you're certainly not alone. From Donald Trump's staggering defense of Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment suits to the entrenched realities of the American pay gap, women's fight for equality faces sobering hurdles in an unabashedly degrading political climate (though it helps to know that politicians like Senator Kristen Gillibrand are pushing back every single day). Since you've probably already protested, called your representatives, and donated in solidarity to your local Planned Parenthood, Shatterbox Anthology director Tiffany Shlain created a new opportunity to not just join the conversation surrounding gender equality, but shape a new one.
On May 10, 2017, Refinery29 will partner with Shlain (and a long roster of powerhouse sponsors, including British Airways and Intel) to agitate for real progress in the ongoing battle for women's rights. Incited by the election and the unstoppable movements it spurred, 50/50 Day asks activists from across the globe to take ownership by bringing this vital dialogue back to the places where change matters most: their homes, offices, schools, and everywhere in-between.
Ready to harness that revolutionary energy to inspire your neighborhood and workplace? Sign up here to join the global movement by hosting a 50/50 Day screening event (all materials are free). Join the 3,400-plus worldwide events coming together to celebrate on May 10, 2017.
Designed to galvanize engagement everywhere, 50/50 Day will kick off with screenings of Shlain's eye-opening 20 minute film, "50/50"— a look at the female leaders who have impacted history, and the continued urgency of amplifying women's visibility and influence. After you've watched this revelatory documentary with your favorite coworkers, friends, or study buddies, you can then connect with a 24-hour online panel, led by brilliant thought leaders from myriad fields, where participants will listen to their strategies for bringing equality to local spaces. There are also amazing printed discussion materials, like the infographic below, available free of charge for your screening event.
Finally, we're asking you to brainstorm the solutions that will effect real change in your community. And your campaign shouldn't stop when the live-feed of the panel ends. 50/50 Day is all about unpacking gender equality's interlocking issues, so everyone can see the big picture and understand the tangible steps they can take in their own lives to make progress.
Not sure how to get started on your 50/50 Day plan? Here are 3 easy steps:
1. Sign up here.
2. If you work at a company, go to the HR department or the head of the company and propose you host an even by showing them the 2 min trailer and the page on 50/50 Day here. If you’re involved with a school or university, bring this to your principal or department head. Host an event with friends at your home or ask a local theater.
3. Get the word out to your friends and community with customizable Facebook and social media assets provided by the 50/50 Day team.
Here's a sample schedule for your event:
* Give a five-minute introduction to 50/50 Day.
*Budget 20 minutes to screen the film.
*Join the Global LiveCast panel and Q&A for 20 minutes.
*Break into a 15 minute discussion with your community, using the materials supplied by the organizers.
For more information about 50/50 Day, visit the official website. And don't miss the 50/50 Day trailer, above.
#GettingTo5050, a global movement rooted in actionable tools and resources, aims to catalyze the conversations that will inspire a more gender-balanced world. Because true equality doesn't just lift women—it lifts everyone. Learn more here.

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