Fans Of Oreo Thins Are About To Get TWO Brand New Flavors

Last week, to our delight, we discovered that Oreo Thins might soon be released in two new flavors. After some wondering, we finally received the official word from the folks at Oreo about when the Coconut Creme Thins and the Salted Caramel Thins would be making their way onto our grocery store shelves. Drumroll, please. We can expect to start seeing the new cookies nationally on June 5, 2017.
This article was originally published on April 7, 2017.
When Oreo Thins were introduced back in 2015, they shook up the snacking world big time. Many of us were shocked to find that we actually liked Thins even more than classic Oreos — something we NEVER thought possible. Since then, those of us on Team Oreo Thins have had to sit ideally by and watch classic Oreo fans get countless new flavors like Cinnamon Bun, Red Velvet, and even Peeps (although, we're fine letting them have that one). Since Oreo Thins hit stores in July 2015, we haven't gotten an addition to the original three flavors, classic, mint, and golden. Finally, Oreo is making up for lost time by giving Thin lovers TWO new flavors.
An Instagram photo from The Junk Food Aisle showed off package mockups for the two forthcoming Oreo Thins flavors, and y'all, they look so good. The first of the new Thins are Coconut Creme, which will feature the classic chocolate cookies with a coconut flavored cream center. Coconut, chocolate, and the crispy crunch of an Oreo Thin? It may not get better than that. Except that it does because there's still another whole new flavor, and this one's for the caramel lovers out there. The second addition to the Oreo Thins family is Salted Caramel. According to the photo, this one will be made with golden Oreo Thins and has a salty sweet caramel-flavored cream filling.
Oreo has yet to officially confirm the additions, but we have reached out to the company and will keep you updated as we find out more. In the meantime, we're staying optimistic. Team Oreo Thins could finally soon be making up some ground against fans of the classics. And, who knows, one of these two new flavors might even get some classic Oreo folks to convert to our side.
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