American Honey's Sasha Lane Isn't Leaving Hollywood Anytime Soon (Thank God)

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Sasha Lane is having a much better week than her American Honey co-star and love interest Shia LaBeouf, whose movie premiered in the UK only to sell a whopping single ticket at the box office (yes — only one person went to see his movie, alone). The 19-year-old breakout star from Andrea Arnold's 2016 indie darling just added another film to her already growing roster of projects as she continues to stay in the spotlight of Hollywood, the Hollywood Reporter confirms. Shotgun is new age rom-com, using both elements of heartbreak (one of the characters learns they have a potentially life-threatening illness) and comedy (the couple is described as "complex and challenging") in the early aughts of a new relationship. Lane isn't one of the two leads (those would go to Independence Day: Resurgence's Maika Monroe and Shameless' Jeremy Allen White) but I can't wait to see what lively supporting character she brings to the film.
Every time I spot Lane's name in another headline announcing a project or collaboration I can't help but get overly excited. The parameters upon which she was recruited to appear as the lead role in American Honey has sort of become the stuff of legends: She was spotted on a beach in Florida while on vacation and embodied the character Arnold imagined in real-life and the rest is history. (Similarly, the rest of the film's cast were new actors in their debut role, with the exception of LaBeouf and Riley Keough.) And her career could have gone either way: rooted or disappeared. And damn is she rooted.
Not only that but she has embraced her status as It-Girl (she appeared in Louis Vuitton spring campaign) without sacrificing any of her personality (her videos are epic), which just makes me so happy. I think she is not only a gifted actress, oozing with unrefined and authentic emotion and talent, but she is also a really fucking cool person (this I know from being an avid follower on her social media channels).
In conclusion: Team Sasha Lane for life.


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