The Very Suave Trailer For Master Of None Season 2 Is Here

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
In case you hadn't heard, Aziz Ansari's plaintive exploration on modern love and identity called Master of None is returning to Netflix on May 12. Previously, the streaming platform released a short trailer for season 2, which teased a long bike ride in what seemed to be the Italian countryside. Today, Aziz Ansari himself released another trailer on Twitter — and it features so much more than just a bike ride. (Although, it should be said, the bikes make a return appearance.)
Ansari's gentle series is a study in romance served with a side of societal ills, like everyday sexism and xenophobia. Last season, Dev (Aziz Ansari) met and fell in love with Rachel (Noël Wells). The show dedicated an entire episode to the two moving in together, but — spoiler alert — the relationship didn't last. In fact, the final shot of the first season features Rachel skipping off to Japan, eager to find her destiny sans Dev. So, the first season largely focuses on the long-term relationship. The new trailer teases a whole new side of romance: dating.
Ansari, who executive produces the show with former Parks and Recreation producer Alan Yang, is somewhat of an expert in this topic. If you'll recall, the actor and comedian penned a book titled Modern Romance which explored the topic in brilliant detail. The second season, it seems, is all about the revolving door of modern dating. One day, you're sitting next to Taylor with a platter of tapas. The next, you're playing putt-putt with Porter. Such is the name of the game in the digital age, when millions of potential future baes are at your fingertips (or on your phone).
So, now that Dev is single, he's dating again. And he's sipping cocktails with a whole host of women, shown in rapid succession in the new trailer. Also featured in the trailer: a mournful Italian song, a goofy Bobby Cannavale, and, somewhat inexplicably, John Legend playing the piano.
Expect to see all this and more on May 12, when Netflix releases season 2. Watch the full trailer, below — and keep an eye out for Legend, his appearance is brief.

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