Aziz Ansari Just Posted A Master Of None Season 2 Promo & Release Date

In 2015, Aziz Ansari dropped the first season of his TV show, Master Of None, on Netflix. It was a remarkable success. With co-stars Noel Wells, Lena Waithe, Eric Wareheim, and Kevin Yu, the show explored the arc of a relationship alongside bigger issues like racism and sexism. And, because Ansari was the star, there was also a lot of laughter.
In February of last year, Ansari announced that the show would indeed be coming back for season two. And on Wednesday, we finally got a date — as well as a super short promo.
"Master of None Season 2 premieres May 12th on Netflix," the actor captioned the video.
The promo itself features Ansari's character, Dev, riding a motorcycle alongside what could be his friend Arnold. Judging from the landscape, it looks like Dev might have followed through on his dream to go to Italy and attend pasta school. But, in true TV-show-promo fashion, it barely gives us any other information about the season ahead.
However, we can guess that it will probably mimic some of the same characteristics as season one.
"We came on this idea of treating the show the way I treat standup, where it's like, I'll take a particular topic for each episode," he told Refinery29 back in November 2015. "So episode two is about parents, and episode eight is about the elderly, and episode seven is about women's issues, and episode nine is a relationship episode. Each episode is a self-contained thing, but at the same time there is a through line with each episode."
The season one finale ended with Dev and his love interest, Rachel (played by Wells), going their separate ways to different sides of the world — him to Italy, her to Japan. Will the two ever cross paths again? Will Dev find a whole new woman he can be wishy-washy about? And what about his acting career? Season two, here we come.

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