This Engagement Ring Crowdfunder Is So Bizarre

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Crowdfunding is an effective way to raise money for causes like medical care, political issues, and family emergencies. But if you browse the GoFundMe website today, you may stumble upon a fundraiser that’ll make you think “one of these things is not like the others.” William Oliver of Atlanta has started a $15,000 crowdfunder for an engagement ring and no, this is not a joke.
Oliver is super stoked to propose to his girlfriend, Alexandra — and his enthusiasm is cute and all, but perhaps someone should tell him that asking friends to foot the bill is slightly inappropriate.
And, while they’re at it, they could offer the information that there are plenty of beautiful, high-quality engagement rings that cost far less than $15,000. If I recall correctly, wedding vows typically include the words “for richer or poorer,” so an engagement ring’s price tag shouldn’t have an impact on the life-changing moment when he asks Alexandra to to marry him. Plus, Oliver always has the option of upgrading the ring if his financial situation changes.
According to Oliver, he got the idea when Alexandra surprised him with 30 gifts for his 30th birthday (presumably purchased with money from her own bank account).
“In 2017 I have started to realize that teamwork makes our dreams work. After my 30th Birthday, I've received a lot of excitement about it being time to marry her! I couldn't agree more,” Oliver wrote on the campaign page. “She had a really innovative way to show her appreciation by purchasing 30 gifts for my 30th birthday. So I need a more innovative way to show my appreciation while incorporating friends and family.”
But wait — it gets better. Oliver also explained that it’s the perfect opportunity to “let everybody who loves us show us.” No pressure, guys.
Incorporating friends and family into a proposal is amazing — but perhaps Oliver would benefit from the knowledge that loved ones can participate in this exciting moment without shelling out a massive chunk of change.
Nevertheless, he’s determined to get the campaign trending — and he’s sort of succeeded. Over 10,000 people have shared it on Facebook, but Oliver’s only raised $594 in one week. Just $14,406 to go!

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