Chelsea Peretti Has A Lot To Say About The Difference Between Oatmeal & Grits

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When it comes to breakfast preferences, the lines of division can be downright hostile. Things can get political quickly. Do you prefer savory or lean more towards sweet? Pork bacon? Turkey bacon? Tempeh bacon? Grits and biscuits or oatmeal and fruit?
Though arguably no debate has truly riled up the internet more than the savory vs. sweet grits discussion. And Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Chelsea Peretti had a new POV on the conversation that’s triggered breakfast wars among friends and divided families before lunchtime.
“I like my grits savory and my oatmeal sweet - but I would eat sweet grits before I'd eat SALTY OATMEAL U ANIMALS,” she tweeted on Tuesday.
The tweet was met with an onslaught of responses, many of which vouched for (gasps) savory oatmeal over sweet grits. And, like us, Peretti seemed to be taken by surprise. Oatmeal...savory? Who knew?
“You are missing out. Eggs, sausage, and tomatoes in oatmeal is Breakfast of Champions. Just add hot sauce. #TeamSavory”, said one Twitter user.
“Mmmmm, eggs in oatmeal! Cheese grits with lots of butter and salt! Nothing sweet at breakfast not even coffee #TeamSavory,” replied another user @mariancole
“Impeach that recipe now!” Peretti responded to both users.
It’s not the first time the 39-year-old actress chatted up her followers about the #TeamSavory vs. #TeamSweet debate. Back in December she also tweeted out a poll asking which flavor they preferred.
This isn’t the first time this debate has made its way into the limelight. Last May, the Great Grits War went viral as the debate took on a life of its own. Gauntlets were thrown, relationships were severed. And not only is the debate political, it’s geographical. Many Southerners prefer their hominy savory while more Northerners prefer sweet. And despite the fact that we too have covered savory oatmeal in the past, it seems there's still some stigma around idea of salt becoming acquainted with our Quaker Oats.
Though, it’s all lighthearted fun until someone puts sugar on their grits.

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