Courteney Cox Knew Friends Would Be A Hit Because She's Just As Much A Know-It-All As Monica

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I thank the Netfix gods every day since they decided to add Friends to their long list of bingeable shows. Having a bad day? There's a Friends episode for that. (Preferably the one in which Rachel makes an old woman try on a thong at her heinous personal shopping job. "And she didn't even buy it!")
Despite the fact that Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Monica (Courteney Cox) shared a Village apartment that would be approximately a billion dollars a month and impossible to afford on a coffee shop waitress and floundering chef's salaries, Friends still feels weirdly relatable for those of us still trying to make this adulting thing happen. It doesn't take many episodes to figure that out — and it certainly didn't for Cox, who starred as Monica for 10 beautiful seasons.
Speaking on the Off Camera With Sam Jones podcast, hosted by photographer and director Jones, Cox revealed that she was totally sold on the sitcom from the moment they started filming. While she probably didn't know that she would be pulling in a million dollars an episode by the end of the series (this was before The Big Bang Theory was a thing) she did say that something just clicked while working on the first episode.
"That was lightning in a bottle, to have those writers, those creators of the show and the team they put together and the actors. It just worked. I mean, the casting was perfect. It really was."
She told Jones:
"I know during the pilot I could tell it just worked... it just was a great group of people that were put together that were there for the right reason."
One thing Cox was not sold on? The part of Rachel, which eventually went to her now real-life BFF (and godmother to her daughter Coco) Aniston. Though she originally read for the part of Rachel, she decided that Monica was a better fit — though she told Jones that she's more "neat" than "clean," unlike the hyper-hygenic foodie.
It's good to hear that Cox loves Friends — exactly as it is — just as much as we all do.

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